Double Cleansing For Your Face – Know The Benefits


skin-care-bostonCleansing is the most important process for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Daily exposure to sun and pollution causes dust and grease to settle on our face. Cleansing is the process which removes dirt, dust and other germs from the layer of your face.

Additionally, the sebum glands present in our skin secretes oil in the form of perspiration which can play havoc on our face by clogging the minute pores and skin openings. As a result, our skin stops to breathe leading to rashes, pigmentation and acnes.

This is why you must religiously cleanse your face after a hectic day. Be it late night, you must always cleanse your face and then go off to sleep. Moreover, your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated. There are number of ways to clean our face. Recently, double cleansing method has gained a lot of attention.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is simple but highly effective. It is two step cleansing process that eliminates oil based and water based dirt and grime. It removes the excess sebum secretion, dry skin cells and perspiration residues.

We are well aware of how sun, make up and pollutants blocks our pores and decreases the oxygen levels in our skin. The first step of cleansing can be done with a cream based / lotion based cleanser or an olive oil. It removes the makeup thoroughly. However, your skin can still feel sticky.

For oily skin: you must use an oil based cleanser or make up remover to complete your first step of cleansing.

For normal skin: you can use cleanser or olive oil for cleansing.

The second step involves in cleansing your face with a face wash according to your skin type. It will lather away the oil, dust and sweat.

For oily skin : you must use a face wash that is recommended for oily skin. However, at the same time don’t be too harsh on your skin. Refrain from using a facewash that completely dries out your skin. It is best that you go for professional face wash for oily skin.

For normal skin: you should use facewash with good moisture content .







Is Mobile Always Good??? – Know About Pros And Cons Of Mobile Stylist


BLOG 1Mobile stylists are those professionals who give salon services at your home. They are easily available and you can call them anytime and anywhere as per your requirements. But how useful are they in terms of a well-equipped salon.  Read the material to have a true insight:

In terms of service

Have you ever heard a doctor coming to our house at cheap prices?? You will never hear such things. A doctor only visits if the case is serious. Most people assume that a facial or a hair spa is just a massage and applying masks. However, there are many process involved during the time of execution.

Additionally, if an accident happens with your mobile stylist, whom will you really blame? Because anyone can claim being a well trained professional. How much truth is in her/his statement? Whereas professional salons train their stylist at regular intervals.  In salon professionals are always updated in terms of procedure.

Take a list of the equipment, which are used in the professional salons:

Equipment Category Use
Moisture Meter Skin Checks the moisture level of skin
Magnifying Lamp Skin Checks skin texture and color, open pores, pimples, pigmentation etc.
Zoom lamp Skin Checks minutes skin problems like pimples, pigmentation etc.
Ultrasonic Skin Helps in penetration of serum/cream during facial and enhance blood circulation etc.
High Frequency Skin Help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, pimple etc.
Kerastase diagnosis camera Hair Diagnosis of specific hair & scalp issues such as dry or oily scalp, dandruff or thinning hair
Straightening Iron Hair Used for permanent and temporary straightening of hair
Tong Hair Making styling curls
Steampod Hair Used for permanent and temporary straightening of hair
Takara Micro Mist Hair Used for steam and treats damaged hair more effectively during Kerastase rituals
Hood steam Hair Used for steam during hair spa.
Hair dryer Hair For hair drying
Trimmer Hair For hair and beard trimming
Clipper Hair Hair texturizing
Brushing machine Hair Used during Body polishing
Sterilizer   Sterilizing cutting tools
Wax heater   Heating Wax



Now, can your mobile stylist provide them and ensure in proper service?  Surely, you are paying less and saving more. But whatever the amount you are spending is it fruitful?

However, you are not aware of the products they use and the appliances they are bringing to your home. It is not always possible that you will check the contents and then take the service.

Frauds are not uncommon, people have reported that the stylist sometimes bring expired product in a new bottle. They could understand from the pungent smell. Moreover, it is also not possible to carry each and every appliance to your home. Therefore, you will get the half service. So are you really saving your money? Or are you wasting your money?

In terms of time

Calling a mobile stylist at your home can save your time. You can lie down and relax at your own home and take the service. However, your mind cannot be at the fullest state of relaxation because a salon will always have a salon environment and your home will have a homely environment. If you have kids and big family, you will always hear noise or maybe someone can call you for some work. Therefore, your mind is not relaxed. Do you know for facial and hair you need to calm your senses then only you can feel relieved and revived?




How To Get Fuller Lips Instantly!

blog6Aren’t we all envious of those who full, pouty and luscious lips?? We all want them. Either you are blessed with it or you have to fix an appointment for harmful lip fillers!! Moreover, they are extremely risky and you can end up looking horrible if injections go wrong!

Now you must be thinking what can be the easy way. “Make-up” can be the trick, if done properly.  Make–up can create an illusion of a fuller lip.

Read on if you want to know more:

Brushing away the dryness:

Chapped, dry lips are a strict no. Dry lips reflect less light and make your lips look thinner. Apply cream at night and massage gently with your fingertips in small concentric circles. It will increase your blood circulation. As a result, the freshness of your lips will be greatly visible.

blog8Concealing it

Don’t be surprised to know that concealer can also make your lips look fuller. Just dab some concealer on your lips, spread it little above the lip line. Don’t overdo. Line it with a lip liner nearest to your lipstick color and then apply lipstick.

blog5For a glossier effect

Dot some lip gloss onto the middle section of your lips. The shimmer of the gloss will reflect light and will give high shine. You can go for clear gloss or the gloss of your lip color.

blog7aSelect matte

Matte lipstick gives a natural look for outline lips. A glossier lipstick can make your lips appear thinner. Line up your lips, fill in the matte color and you are good to attend any party. However, before applying a matte lipstick, ensure that you must keep your lips soft and supple.

Go for lighter color

Darker hues can be tricky to select. If not selected properly it can make you look darker. Therefore, to be on the safe side, go for lighter shades.





Get The Best Haircut – According To Your Face Shape

blog4Did you know that you can change the way you look with a great haircut? Not only a good haircut can enhance your look but also can make you look prettier. You can either go for bold cuts or subtle flattering cut.

However, before making an appointment to a salon, talk to the stylist and take your facial features and shape into consideration. A renewed hair cut can make you feel good; look great and can give you a great sense of confidence.

Women’s haircuts according to facial shapes

Take a break from the usual cuts and get creative with layers, short cuts, bangs, steps and fringes. Go for flattering cuts that looks when side swept as well as when it is loosely tied.

For round face:

You are having nice full cheekbones and rounded jaw line; therefore uneven layers will look best on you. It will give a slimming effect to your face. You can also go for side swept bangs so that will balance off the roundness.

If you are sporting a short length hair, you can try well defined pixie cut. If you are sporting a medium length hair, try to go for cuts that will give volume to your face with a layering effect on your collar bone. If you have long hair, go for long layers that will end at jaw line that will make an illusion of dimension.


This is one of the versatile shapes of women’s face and almost every hair cut will compliment your face. You can experiment with your haircuts. You can go for trendy bangs or mid length bob. In short you can pull off any look.

Heart Shaped:

It is best that you go for a delicate haircut. It will narrow down at the chin and will draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes. If you can going for a long style, you can go for a heavy offset fringe, side swept that will give fullness to your jaw area.


Your face will look great with girly layers, fringes and feathery layers. It will draw more attention to your face, more than your jaw line. Try to play more on your face rather than the angular jaw line. If you are sporting a long hair, try to go for lot of subtle layers and fringes to make your upper part of the face more attractive.


Now, that you have find out which hairstyle can work best for you, decide what length you want to sport. Always remember whatever hair you are sporting, always take proper care. Longer hair means older hair. The older you hair the more fragile it can become. Therefore, maintain it properly. Visit salon at regular intervals for trimming and defined cuts.








blog3a - CopyYou can get away looking like a hot mess in your twenties. However, when you enter your thirties, it’s important to have a routine and an appearance that tells the world “it’s time to take me seriously”. After you actually figured out what to do in your life in your 20s, 30s can unleash a whole bunch of new challenges.

Life now is more stable but can be chaotic in terms of duties and responsibilities. Your office and family is likely to take up most of your time. However, you still need to “get it together”. That’s where these beauty products can be your savior. From make-up to those essentials, by using them, you can look polished and charismatic in your 30s.

And those magic portions are …

Concealer that actually works!

A concealer is very important at 30s. It must work hard just like you do which will not only cover up the dark circles but also conceal fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots, creases and puffiness. At the same time, it must keep your skin soft and supple. You must ensure the best quality concealer because it is likely to stay on your skin for longer period of time.

Great night for your skin!

You must be aware that when you enter 30s, your skin is more prone to damage than repair. Therefore, you have to boost up your skin and add to its youthfulness. A night cream is the best treatment you can give to your skin, after a hectic and tedious day. A good night cream will decrease the free radicals of your skin and restore skin elasticity.

Blow dry and a wide tooth comb for those busy mornings!

As soon as you get up, you are busy. You are rushing to get ready or to make your children and better-half ready. Now, in this rush, it may not be always possible to make a great hairstyle. In this type of situation a blow dry and a wide tooth comb can be your “fix it”! Blow dry require a thermal protecting serum. Use it for protecting your hair.

Polish your nails accordingly!

30s – This age defines most subtle, sophisticated and elegant looks. Therefore, you must have a nude color nail polish and a glamorous red color nail polish in your makeup kit. Apply as per the occasion and don’t forget to apply a clear coat to get the extra shine on your nails. And boom you are good to go!!!

SPF – Your ultimate skin savior!

Sunscreen protects skin from tanning and premature ageing. When you are in your 30s, always remember that the regeneration process of your skin decreases. Therefore, you must take care of your skin religiously. Never step outside the sun without an SPF of a wide range, so that it gives you ultimate protection form sun damage.

The quick fix eye kit!

Being beautiful never goes out of fashion. Always keep eyeliner, mascara and a brow pencil. 30s are busy; this is the time when you are settling with your life. It may happen you won’t get enough time for detailing your eye. Therefore, these products can come to your rescue.

Vitamins and supplement!

Along with a healthy diet, keep nutritional supplement, calcium and vitamins tablets in your daily routine. This is the high time you must start taking your health and body seriously. Take a professional help before in taking.



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Hair Color – Get The ‘IT’ Look Instantly.

blog2Hair Color is the ultimate way that can change your appearance and personality, instantly. The right styling and hair color can make you look fabulous, with minimal style. However, choosing the right type of color for Indian skin tone may sound difficult. Read our blog to have the clear idea and help you in your selection

You must understand that copying western style of hair color will not make you look great. This is mainly because of our skin tone is different from theirs. Getting hair color done professionally is the best way of opting for it.

Professional hair stylists in Kolkata can give you a customized look even, so that you don’t get awful stares when you are walking down the streets. Moreover, don’t think too much about “what society will think” in terms of experimenting with your hair color.

Hair color and Indian skin Tone

First thing, you need to understand about your skin. Is your skin cool or warm? You can understand by the yellowish tinge in your skin color. If you have olive type of tones, you are having warm Indian skin tone, if you are having pale skin you are having cool Indian skin tone.  It is recommended that you must consult with Professional hair salons in Kolkata, before coloring your hair.


It is the safest color to opt for. You can go with deeper shades of brown like mahogany,if you have cool skin tone. For warmer skin color, go for greyish brown hue.


It is the best for darker Indian skin tones. Your face becomes strikingly beautiful, when you go for this shade.


This color can be a bit tricky. There are lots of shades of red. For lighter skin tone you can go for darker shades of maroon and red. While if you are having fairer skin you can go for copper undertones.

Ombre effects:

It is best for the Indian hair type because Indians, mostly have wavy to curly hair. This goes from darker to lighter shades and gives an impression for your skin to make it look fairer. It is the best color to flaunt it and looks great on Indian skin tone. Celeb hair color in Kolkata is mostly done with this shade.

High lights and low lights:

When you are opting for complete hair color, you must consider high lights and low lights to select with. High lights and low lights can be more than two colors and it gives an overall dimensional look. It also gives a look of fuller hair. Not necessarily, you have to go with browns or coppers; you can try with different colors and shades.

Experimental Colors:

If you like a lot of attention then you can go for colors like pink or yellow. Otherwise, if you want to experiment and at the same time don’t want to much speculation, you can go for purple, violet, plums, deep indigo and fiery red streaks at some portions of your hair.

Where should you go for?

There are number of salons in Kolkata which can offer you hair color. However, Club Salon in Kolkata excels in customization of hair color and we are successful in satisfying our clients.



Know About “Air-Brush Makeup”

There is a buzz about “Air brush Makeup “in the fashion world. You must have been thinking what airbrush makeup is!! Here is a quick guide to make you understand.


It is the best professional makeup you can opt for. Because of its flawless finish and high make up coverage, it is becoming favorite day by day. At the same time, it is light, just like a thin net covering your face. Additionally, you also get longer wear which can last up to 12 to 24 hours, depending on its application.


What is airbrush make-up?


This make-up is sprayed onto the skin, by an airbrush sprayer. There is no application of fingers or sponges. This application technique is called ‘globular application of make-up’. It follows a dispersion procedure, and is sprayed by airbrush gun. It creates a thin net like look over the face and is hardly noticeable.


As it can be applied easily, highlighting your facial features and contouring becomes very easy.

A special water type airbrush foundation is used for this technique and because of its light weight; it doesn’t leave your face too much oily or too much dry.


Why brides and celebs are going for airbrush make-up?


These days most brides and celebs are choosing “Air brush makeup” over traditional make-up, as you read the pros and cons you will understand ‘why’

  • Traditional make-up doesn’t last long, whereas airbrush can last up to 12 to 24 hours
  • Make-up artist is required for touch up. Airbrush make-up doesn’t need touch up.
  • Traditional is not good for photo shoot. With air brush make-up you don’t have to think twice about your wedding photographs.
  • Unlike traditional make-up, airbrush make-up doesn’t settle in pores.

The best thing about airbrush make-up is that, it looks enigmatic in professional photography. Your wedding is a great memory. Therefore, treasure your wedding moments in your photo album, so that when you are going through them, you feel awestruck by the way you look.

Reason behind looking flawless:

As discussed above, it masks your face by a thin layer. Therefore, when you are getting clicked, your facial imperfections, marks and fine lines does not appear in your picture. However, on fine editing of the picture, you will look nothing less than a star.


Know the procedure of removing the airbrush make-up


Since it is a coverage makeup for longer duration, you need to remove it with silicone based make-up remover. You can also use make-up remover and warm water to remove it, but you may have to repeat it two three times to get it entirely rub off.



Where to get Airbrush makeup in Kolkata?

Air brush make up Kolkata, is available in selected salon outlets in Kolkata. You can visit us in Sarat bose road, Garia, New Alipore, Bosepukur and Salt lake sector – v. Best professional trained make-up artists in Kolkata are working with us, therefore we can ensure you that you get the best service.