Skin care is a two-way process. As much as what one eats and drinks reflect upon the skin, it is imperative to take regular care of it from the outside. Apart from regular Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing, healthy skin also demands Facial treatments at regular intervals, ideally after every twenty to twenty-five days.

One of the main elements in a Facial is the massage which activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also helps relax muscles, thus delaying the ageing process. Choosing the right kind of facial is essential because the treatment and products needs to be in sync with one’s skin type. Regular facials can help even out the skin tone, unclog pores, minimise ageing and rejuvenate the skin.

Club Salon has a wide range of facial treatments, each customized to specific skin types.

Club Salon, with their high-end infrastructure and well-trained therapists, takes skin-care to a whole new level.

Before the Facial, a thorough skin-analysis is done, using magnifying LED lamp and moisture meter, based on which the type of treatment is determined.

Their facial range by Decleor and O3+ covers almost all skin types. While there are plenty of face treatments to choose from, the main purpose of most facials is to thoroughly clean your skin, rid it of impurities and feed it with vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E—a process that brings other benefits and will leave your complexion refreshed and radiant.

Some of the suggested Facials for different skin types:

  • Ultra calm facial or Decleor soothing harmonie calm: Sensitive skin
  • Breakout facial or Adult Acne facial: Acne or pimple prone skin
  • Ultrasonic Caviar Anti Ageing / Decleor Aromaplastie Lift: Ageing skin
  • Dermalzone Radiant / Decleor Hydrating Hydra floral: Dry or Dull skin

The Facial treatments are priced within a range of INR 3000 to INR 5000.

When it comes to skin-care, consistency is important. With consistent facial treatments, one’s complexion will appear brighter, even-toned and more streamlined. Skin will be softer and glowing, enhanced with increased cell renewal, the key to a youthful look. 



Decléor Aurabsolu Ritual

 Decléor Aurabsolu Ritual At Club Salon, Alcove Gloria

Decléor, the French skincare brand was founded in 1974 by Solange Dessimoulie whose philosophy was “to feel good in your body and soul, to feel good in your own skin. Today, the Decléor philosophy is to harness the power of nature to address urban life challenges that have an impact on the skin, body and mind.  Decléor products and rituals are acclaimed world over and now, they are available in Kolkata courtesy Club Salon who have introduced these rituals at three of their luxury outlets – Alcove Gloria, Sarat Bose Road, New Alipore and Axis Mall. I tried out the Decléor Aurabsolu Ritual at the Alcove Gloria, VIP Road outlet and in this post, I am sharing my experience. Read on to find out. 

Decléor Aurabsolu Ritual

After I reached the salon, I was asked a few questions by the therapist about my skin and I completed a questionnaire. Based on the answers, I was recommended Aurabsolu, a ritual that targets tired and stressed skin. Decléor Aurabsolu rituals are available in three variants – Petit Ritual for 30 mins, Experience Ritual for 60 mins and Signature Rituals for 90 mins. Aurabsolu is a 30 min ritual.

Pushing the boundaries of Aromatherapy skincare, we have discovered the magic in unlocking tired looking skin and allowing it to glow from the early morning until dusk. Introducing Aurabsolu – targeting tired and stressed skin for modern skincare concerns. Using the very purest form of Jasmine Absolute, Aurabsolu awakens skin and reveals a new radiance; skin is imbued with freshness and vitality and its glow is restored.


I was provided with a disposable gown and after changing, asked to lie down on the bed. The therapist started off by cleansing my face with a cleanser that has neroli extracts followed by the application of a skin tonic. This was an alcohol-free tonic also containing neroli extracts. The next step was the application of Reflet de Purete, a deep cleanser that not only cleanses but also exfoliates the skin mildly. Purete contains essential oils so it smells great and the product goes deep down into the pores to remove all traces of dirt and grime. My skin immediately felt a lot softer and hydrated. 

What followed after the cleansing was pure bliss. Lights were dimmed and as the therapist started with the back and arms massage, light music started to play and then a soothing voice filled the room like flavored incense. This is a special recording which is played during the rituals where the voice asks you to smell the oil, encourages you to deep breathe and inhale the goodness of the oil, to let go of the tension and just slip into deep relaxation mode. I could feel the knots loosening up and I must have dozed off for a few minutes as well. 


After the massage, the Aurabsolu hydrogel mask was applied for about 10 minutes. This sheet mask is infused with an expert blend of essential oils and Jasmine Absolute, ideal for use as a booster treatment when skin has been exposed to stress or is showing signs of fatigue to restore luminosity and a refreshed appearance. The final step of the ritual was lympathic drainage using a Neroli hydrating night balm. Using her expertise,  the therapist gently applied pressure to certain points on my face and used a lymphatic drainage technique to remove toxins from within. I could feel the blood going to my skin and felt a sense of bliss. 

During the ritual, I felt like I was in an aromatherapy cocoon and I did not want to get out of it. Those 30 minutes were absolute bliss and not only my face but my body and mind felt so relaxed and refreshed. This is what my skin looked a couple of hours after the ritual. I have no makeup on except kajal. 


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Kerastase Hair Ritual

                                                          Kerastase Hair Ritual

My love for a long mane has been since forever. Though I have managed to grow my hair to a desired length, pollution, stress and multiple chemical treatments have damaged the quality to a great extent. Added to that, repeated hairstyling and hair products has literally converted my hair to jute. It was almost like a boon when I came across the Kerastase Ritual at Club Salon.

Club Salon, an exclusive hub for Hair, Skin and Makeup has a wide range of treatments which include the Kerastase Hair Ritual, Serioxyl from L’Oréal (a denser hair treatment) and the Profiber for very damaged hair. The Skin treatments include the Microneedling from O3 plus, Meladerm treatment for pigmentation, Shine & Glow from Agelock and the Decleor Facials.

I went for the Kerastase Hair Ritual (Express) at their Sarat Bose Road salon. It would be necessary to mention that I had styled my hair the day before which left my hair heavily tangled, dry and lifeless. The Kerastase Ritual is carried out in a special Hair & Scalp Institute in the Salon, also known as the Kerastase room.


The ritual started with my therapist, diagnosing my hair with a special device. The diagnosis consisted of a scalp diagnosis followed by a fibre diagnosis. The device was connected to my therapists’ phone where I could follow the diagnosis along with him. As expected, my hair was extremely damaged with almost the highest erosion level.

My hair was first untangled and washed with the Kerastase Fibre Architecte Shampoo followed by Ciment Thermique shampoo. Since my hair fibre has thinned, I was suggested products that would strengthen it. The next step was the Fusio Dose. It is a Booster Brilliance by Kerastase which restores the radiance and shine of the hair. My hair was treated with the booster dose and locked using the Lait Vital conditioner which stayed for 15-20 minutes post which the products were rinsed off. Finally my therapist used the Fibre Architecte serum and my hair was blow dried.

My hair was visibly softer and shinier. In fact I felt a reduction hair breakage as well. I was advised the Fusio Dose after 15 days to retain the effect and also strengthen my hair. The Kerastase Hair Ritual is indeed quite interesting and miraculously improves the hair quality to a great extent even after one session. I would highly recommend this.

Kindly check my BEFORE & AFTER (Kerastase Hair Ritual) photos below :

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Hi, guys! Hope you are doing great. Today, I am going to talk about my experience at the Club Salon where I went out to try one of their skincare treatments. I was looking for a good therapy for my skin as I was facing a lot of problems, one of them being dullness. My face was lacking that inner glow and it was looking really unhealthy. Recently, when I was invited to try one of the facial treatments offered by Club Salon, I readily agreed.

I decided to go for the Sarat Bose Road branch as it was more convenient for me than the other four. I had already an appointment there. It is great to make an appointment before you step in to save time and also you can ask for your preferred staff at the time of appointment. As soon as I reached there I was welcomed by their courteous staff. Then I was requested to make myself comfortable and offered a glass of water which, I felt, was really sweet and comforting.

Then, I was introduced to the beautician, who was supposed to do my facial. She escorted me to the facial room. The room was prim and tidy and was smelling nice. There was dim lights which made the ambience very soothing and relaxing. Now, let me take you through the entire regimen, step-by step.

At first, she examined my face to determine my skin type. She told me that I have a normal skin & my face is a bit tanned. After examining my face, she chose the suitable O3+ products for the facial. She recommended the Shine & Glow Facial.

She first cleansed my face with a cleansing lotion and then applied a de-tanning mask made of Eucalyptus and camphor. The mask has a bit of cooling and burning sensation and also a strong scent. She left the mask on my skin for about 10 minutes and then wiped it off with a wet washcloth.

Now, she applied another mask which, I was told, has a skin whitening property. It was basically a peel-off mask that was also wiped-off after 10-15 minutes.

Next, another mask was applied which had whitening and brightening benefits. After leaving it for 10-15 minutes, she started massaging my face with a massage cream which is mainly made to make your skin glow from the inside.

The massage was really relaxing and rejuvenating that I almost fell asleep. It was quite obvious, from the strokes she used, that she is a very skilled lady and also has a lot of experience. I can’t exactly recall how many minutes she spent on massaging my face but it was definitely 15-20 minutes. After the massage was over, all my fatigue was gone and there was an instant glow to my skin which was so evident.

I really liked the hour-long (probably, more) session. This particular ‘Shine & Glow from Agelock’ facial regime will cost you approximately Rs2,900 which is totally worth spending considering the result it offers.

Club Salon offers various skin and hair solutions from Agelock to Dermalzone customized facials, Anti-Pollution facials to different hair rituals including Smoothing, Strengthening and Reconstructing rituals etc. They also offer bridal makeovers, Airbrush Makeup for Bride & Groom and other customary services like manicure and pedicure, haircut and colour, nail arts etc. They also offer complimentary face mapping skin analysis which is great.

Club Salon has five outlets in Kolkata- New Alipore, Sarat Bose Road, Rash Behari Connector, Garia and Sector- V. You can follow their Facebook page to stay updated with their offers and news. You can also go through their website to look for the services they offer, buy products they use for their services and also to make an appointment.

I hope you found this review helpful and this was the ultimate reason for me to share my experience with you guys. Let me know if you have went to Club Salon before and how was your experience. Until next time, be safe & keep smiling!

Luxury manicure & pedicure

A luxury manicure & pedicure perfect for the summer! {Review: Club Salon}

 The sweltering summers are here and it looks like the inflation has hit the temperature too – it just keeps on rising. Kolkata, being both hot and humid, has turned into one being mass of panting, sweating population who are waiting for the monsoons with as much bated breath as they wait for the Durga Puja.

In these extreme conditions, the invitation from one of Kolkata’s premier salons, Club Salon, to try out their popular Luxury Manicure & Pedicure, came like a breath of fresh air, albeit a fragrant one at that. Club Salon is one of the largest chains of salons in the city with branches in almost every part and a range of services that will leave you spoilt for choice.


I chose to visit the New Alipore address and the salon was spacious, classy and very welcoming. The staff was courteous and in no time, I was seated comfortably, ready to experience one of the best manicures & pedicures till date!


The Luxury Mani-Pedi started with a chocolate-flavoured Ice Ball immersed in the basins of warm water that gave out chocolate-coloured fizz and worked its magic on my tired hands & feet. The cleansing process followed with a moisturizing Papaya Nectar body wash. Further exfoliation was done with a yummy-smelling Strawberry Kiwi Sugar Scrub which helps in detoxification too. The pampering message session that followed used a Papaya Nectar Body Icing Crème de Corps with Shea Butter extracts that, coupled with the masseur’s expert hand movements, helped me relax and de-stress wonderfully. Once the message was over, I got a thick layer of Chcocolate & Glycerin Mask brushed on to my hands & feet and left for around 5 mins. Once the mask had worked its magic and helped make my limbs smoother & softer, it was washed off with lukewarm water. My happily pampered feet got a spray of refreshing foot mist and after the finishing touch with some bright nail colors, I not only flaunted a pair of happy feet, but happy hands too!


The session took almost one & a half hours and it was some time taken out of my hectic schedule when I could really sit back and relax.

I would totally recommend the Luxury Manicure & Pedicure at Club Salon for a refreshing makeover of your hands & feet this summer. The flavours of products they use are yummilicious and perfect for some summer rejuvenation. But, apart from this service, I would also recommend various other haircare & skincare treatments offered by the salon that are a must-try at any of their numerous outlets around the city.

If you are looking for some good haircare services, don’t miss out on their Kerastase Ritual that’s bound to make your hair soft & smooth. You can also go for the Serioxyl from L’Oreal which is a denser and more intense hair treatment. For very damaged hair, opt for the Profibre treatment which is efficient & helpful.

Looking for some effective skincare treatments? Club Salon is the answer to your beauty woes! Be it the Microneedling from O3 Plus or the Shine & Glow from Agelock, the salon’s various skincare services will give your rejuvenated & glowing skin in no time! For pigmentation problems, try out the Meladem treatment that’ll solve all your skin issues.

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Right Foundation


Wondering how to pick the right foundation?

Choosing the right foundation can be one of the trickiest jobs until we give you an overall idea how to go about it. So let’s get started:

You’ve to consider 3 things to decide how to choose foundation shade:-

  1. Skin Type
  2. Shade
  3. Coverage

Starting with the Skin type, the right foundation for your skin would depend on:

1. Normal Skin: – You can use just about any foundation from mineral powder to tinted moisturizer; depending on your required coverage & shade.

2. Dry Skin: – You need the added moisture in your product. The best ones for dry skin are oil-based foundations.Look for words like hydrating & moisturizing while looking for a product for dry skin.

3. Oily Skin:- An oily skin secretes enough oil on its own so use only an oil-free liquid foundation or moisturizers. Use a pressed powder after your liquid foundation to set it right.

4. Aging Skin:- If you notice signs like wrinkles, fine lines & probably a little saggy loose skin, don’t get freaked out and start opting for a heavy coverage foundation. It will just worsen things. Choose a medium coverage product with light reflecting pigments that will make you glow naturally.

5. Acne Prone skin: – Go for ones which have ‘salicylic acid’ listed in their ingredients as this will keep your pores & frequent breakouts at bay & also make sure it is an oil-free product, though it can be powder or liquid.



Choose your shade by matching the color to your jawline: Since it’s between your face and neck (the two places that the foundation should match), it’s your best bet. If the shades of your face & neck are slightly different, attempt to find the right foundation that’s in between.


How to Choose Foundation Shade According to Coverage:

  • Sheer –This is the lightest coverage for those people who want to just even out their skin tone & have a natural look.
  • Medium –These foundations are thicker in consistency and provide some coverage for people with blemishes, discolorations or other minor imperfections.
  • Full– This helps erase severe imperfections such as acne scars. Also it’s the best form of foundation to use for photo shoots or for occasions like wedding etc.


Application Tips 

  1. Never apply foundation to un-moisturized skin. If your skin is on the drier side, you’ll also want to exfoliate prior to applying any products.
  2. Warm the foundation in the palm of your hand, and then sweep it across your face and neck using clean fingers, a foundation brush or a beauty blender.
  3. When you’re applying foundation, don’t forget about the spot where your jaw line meets your neck! Make sure your face and neck match by blending the foundation into the top of your neck as well.


Fair Skin Versus Healthy Skin



Fair skin versus healthy skin is a debatable topic as Fair Skin might not be healthy, again healthy skin might not be fair!

Fair skin versus healthy skin basic difference: Fair refers to the color of the skin, and flawless pertains to quality.

A flawless skin means a glowing and youthful skin absent of flaws and imperfections such as large pores, blackheads, dark spots, whiteheads, pimples, acne, moles, lesions, freckles hyperpigmentation, warts, fine lines and wrinkles. You can have a fair skin but with flaws. Simultaneously, your skin can be flawless but has a dark tone.

However, not fair skin versus healthy skin but if you desire having a fair and a flawless skin at the same time, this takes the creams and treatments to a different level. People with medium to dark complexion can achieve a lighter skin tone by resorting to skin bleaching creams and skin whitening. The lesser melanin present in your skin, the lighter your skin becomes. People with darker skin tones must remember that the lightening process is much more tedious and lengthy with them.

Some people desire to have a flawless skin without altering their natural skin color. This can be achieved by trips to the dermatologist’s office, rigorous skin care ritual, adequate sun protection, and for some, lots of facials. You can have a flawless skin whether you are pale as a paper or dark as a charcoal. When you want a flawless skin, you get rid of your skin’s imperfection and not alter the color.

Skin lightening products are amazing because they lighten the imperfections as well. When those skin bleaching creams and treatments finally achieve its goal, and the old layer of skin is removed, a new and definitely lighter layer of your skin is revealed minus the imperfections. Not end of discussion of fair skin versus healthy skin but finally you have gotten what you want: a fair and a flawless skin.


  1. Skin type: Is it oily, dry, normal, or combination of either? In order to do this, wash your face, let it dry and leave your face completely untouched for an hour. 
  2. Invest in a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and facial scrub suited to your skin type.
  3. Buy an SPF 15+ sunscreen for daily use.T
  4. Use your face wash every two days.
  5. Wash off your makeup.
  6. Eat properly
  7. Drink plenty of fluids.
  8. Exercise
  9. Sleep


Professional shampoo vs normal shampoo has a lot of significance, specially for clients who are product specific or have specific concerns for their hair. When hair care professionals works on your hair, they tend to be able to tell what type of hair you have, based on their training and their level of experience working with other clients.

Needless to say, when a professional suggests a shampoo for your specific hair type, chances are that it will be the correct choice. For example, if you have only slightly dry hair that requires a mild shampoo, your hairdresser should be able to recommend the correct formula to meet the needs of your hair.

Salon formulas are prepared with more expensive ingredients, which is why the amount you pay is such a drastic difference from what you would pay for supermarket shampoo selections. There is no doubt that those salon formulas can pamper the hair quite a bit. Hence this creates an important difference between Professional shampoo vs normal shampoo.

However, if the wrong choice is made for your particular hair type, you may very well have spent a big chunk of money for some unsatisfactory results.The most important factor to consider when selecting any shampoo is if you are purchasing the correct formula for your hair type. Deciding if the end result of a salon formula shampoo is worth the expense is ultimately a personal choice. The best known ones being Loreal Professional range, Kerastase, Profiber range among others.

Whereas in Normal Shampoo,lots of ingredients that are harsh on your hair sound similar to products that are nourishing for your hair.Take for example the common ingredient sodium laureth sulfite, that creates the “safe” sudsing effect in the shampoo.

Many companies have come up with versions of this ingredient that sound very similar but aren’t so great for your hair, such as ammonium laurel sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium laurel sulfate. These are actually harsh chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils, essentially drying your hair out.

The typical pH of hair ranges from 4.5-5.5 and averages at about 5.0. Salon grade shampoos are tested and have a pH that range from 5 to 7, which is considered neutral. Drug store grade shampoos range greatly from 4-9 on the pH scale. At this point you might as well be washing your hair with baking soda which has a pH of 8.4.

So, how could these products be making my hair so soft? Common client question. The answer? Fillers. Fillers can be anything at all to “take up room” in the shampoo so that it costs the company less money to create the product. Ingredients such as wax and animal fat among many other gross products that leave a build-up on the hair shaft that gives the illusion that your hair is softer when it’s really not.

Hence get your Professional Hair care range & feel what your hair was missing till now!







Holi is definitely an colorful festival but it leaves behind a harsh effect on both our skin & hair. So we give you few tips with us you can enjoy this Holi without any guilt. Post Holi care is essential & is important for all age groups.

First lets get started with some easy tips:

Moisturiser :
* Apply a good moisturizer or olive oil to your face, leave it on for 10 mins, take a cotton pad to remove it off and then rinse with cold water.

* Use a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Mix a little hair conditioner with oil, apply it all over your hair and wear a shower cap. Leave it on for 15 mins, rinse off with warm water.

* Use yogurt to remove off the stubborn colour, yogurt has natural bleaching properties, apply natural yogurt on your skin and rinse off.



Now some very important tips to keep in mind for Post Holi Care:
1. Use liquid soap, applying it very gently on your body. For tough colours, opt for home remedies to deal with it or you can visit a parlour too.

2. Home remedies like applying lemon juice directly on to your skin; curd and sandalwood mixture is great; and you can also make a turmeric and white flour paste, keep it on for 15-20 mins, and then wash it away with non-boiled milk. This mixture can be applied on all areas with colour after making it bit wet with plain water.

3. To clean your face, use olive oil on cotton to remove the Holi colour ‘make-up’, but only after thoroughly washing your face with clean water. Again, opt for home-made scrubs like those using white flour to get rid of the tougher colour stains. You can also use a mild scrub or make a natural sugar scrub.

4. Avoid using exfoliates or bath salts for 48 hours after playing Holi, since your skin will very sensitive.

5. Do not use steam or sauna for the next three days as well, since the body can absorb remaining colour on your skin, as the steam opens up your pores. 

6. Going for a skin facial is a good idea post-Holi, but opt for a medi-facial, which is bleach and steam free and avoids chemicals, that too, only after 48 hours of playing Holi.

Enjoying in this colourful festival is obvious but we have to make sure that the Post Holi Care routine is followed strictly.

Hope you all had a fun and colorful Holi…  




What’s Your Winter Savior?


120829-214Winter is the worst season for people who have dry, sensitive and normal skin. Flaking and itchiness is common because the skin gets ripped off from its moisture content. However, you must not neglect and take necessary steps for hydrating it and maintaining its moisture content. Take proper care of your skin and pamper it with moisturizers and emollients.

For normal to dry skin

Try to use a cleanser which contains Aloe Vera and vitamin c. Aloe Vera can restore your skin’s moisture content and has healing properties. You can also use vitamin c serum because its anti-oxidant properties can speed up the process of skin renewal. Moreover, a good cleanser helps in softening and removing dead skin cells thus accelerating cell regeneration by delaying ageing.

Always keep your skin moisturized

Do the outer layers of your skin become very dry? So, it is very important to keep it hydrated. Even if you have oily skin, you must use a light moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.

Don’t forget to use a sunscreen!!

Usually people prefer to enjoy the sun in winter but little do they know that exposure to the harmful ultraviolet can hasten wrinkles and skin ageing. Therefore, you must use a sunscreen prior to 15 minutes, before stepping out. Re apply it according to the sunscreen power.

Nourishing your skin

Nourishment is very essential for skin and you can only get it by selecting the right type of facial. Facial increases your blood circulation and brightens skin instantly. It also helps in skin rejuvenation. For better results, you must also use a night cream and see the difference for yourself.

For sensitive and very dry skin

  • If you have sensitive and extremely dry skin avoid using soap
  • Use mild face wash or a foam based face wash.
  • After a bath, apply a body lotion with SPF while the skin is still damp. It helps to seal the moisture content.

Heal your Heels

Pedicure is a must during these dry winters. It is advised to get pedicure done twice in a month. For best results use a foot cream.

For soft hands

Have-Light-Skin-Step-9Needless to say you will notice your hands getting dry and losing the brightness. Therefore, a manicure twice in a month is very important. Additionally, you must use a hand cream and apply it throughout the day.