Professional shampoo vs normal shampoo has a lot of significance, specially for clients who are product specific or have specific concerns for their hair. When hair care professionals works on your hair, they tend to be able to tell what type of hair you have, based on their training and their level of experience working with other clients.

Needless to say, when a professional suggests a shampoo for your specific hair type, chances are that it will be the correct choice. For example, if you have only slightly dry hair that requires a mild shampoo, your hairdresser should be able to recommend the correct formula to meet the needs of your hair.

Salon formulas are prepared with more expensive ingredients, which is why the amount you pay is such a drastic difference from what you would pay for supermarket shampoo selections. There is no doubt that those salon formulas can pamper the hair quite a bit. Hence this creates an important difference between Professional shampoo vs normal shampoo.

However, if the wrong choice is made for your particular hair type, you may very well have spent a big chunk of money for some unsatisfactory results.The most important factor to consider when selecting any shampoo is if you are purchasing the correct formula for your hair type. Deciding if the end result of a salon formula shampoo is worth the expense is ultimately a personal choice. The best known ones being Loreal Professional range, Kerastase, Profiber range among others.

Whereas in Normal Shampoo,lots of ingredients that are harsh on your hair sound similar to products that are nourishing for your hair.Take for example the common ingredient sodium laureth sulfite, that creates the “safe” sudsing effect in the shampoo.

Many companies have come up with versions of this ingredient that sound very similar but aren’t so great for your hair, such as ammonium laurel sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium laurel sulfate. These are actually harsh chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils, essentially drying your hair out.

The typical pH of hair ranges from 4.5-5.5 and averages at about 5.0. Salon grade shampoos are tested and have a pH that range from 5 to 7, which is considered neutral. Drug store grade shampoos range greatly from 4-9 on the pH scale. At this point you might as well be washing your hair with baking soda which has a pH of 8.4.

So, how could these products be making my hair so soft? Common client question. The answer? Fillers. Fillers can be anything at all to “take up room” in the shampoo so that it costs the company less money to create the product. Ingredients such as wax and animal fat among many other gross products that leave a build-up on the hair shaft that gives the illusion that your hair is softer when it’s really not.

Hence get your Professional Hair care range & feel what your hair was missing till now!







Holi is definitely an colorful festival but it leaves behind a harsh effect on both our skin & hair. So we give you few tips with us you can enjoy this Holi without any guilt. Post Holi care is essential & is important for all age groups.

First lets get started with some easy tips:

Moisturiser :
* Apply a good moisturizer or olive oil to your face, leave it on for 10 mins, take a cotton pad to remove it off and then rinse with cold water.

* Use a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. Mix a little hair conditioner with oil, apply it all over your hair and wear a shower cap. Leave it on for 15 mins, rinse off with warm water.

* Use yogurt to remove off the stubborn colour, yogurt has natural bleaching properties, apply natural yogurt on your skin and rinse off.



Now some very important tips to keep in mind for Post Holi Care:
1. Use liquid soap, applying it very gently on your body. For tough colours, opt for home remedies to deal with it or you can visit a parlour too.

2. Home remedies like applying lemon juice directly on to your skin; curd and sandalwood mixture is great; and you can also make a turmeric and white flour paste, keep it on for 15-20 mins, and then wash it away with non-boiled milk. This mixture can be applied on all areas with colour after making it bit wet with plain water.

3. To clean your face, use olive oil on cotton to remove the Holi colour ‘make-up’, but only after thoroughly washing your face with clean water. Again, opt for home-made scrubs like those using white flour to get rid of the tougher colour stains. You can also use a mild scrub or make a natural sugar scrub.

4. Avoid using exfoliates or bath salts for 48 hours after playing Holi, since your skin will very sensitive.

5. Do not use steam or sauna for the next three days as well, since the body can absorb remaining colour on your skin, as the steam opens up your pores. 

6. Going for a skin facial is a good idea post-Holi, but opt for a medi-facial, which is bleach and steam free and avoids chemicals, that too, only after 48 hours of playing Holi.

Enjoying in this colourful festival is obvious but we have to make sure that the Post Holi Care routine is followed strictly.

Hope you all had a fun and colorful Holi…  





Hair Colour is a trend cum need in today’s world. It not only helps you look better but definetely increases your confidence. But it is always Hair Colour & Care that should be in one’s mind before taking the leap.

The main advantages of Hair Colour-

Enhance your appearance:

If you are tired of the same old look, you can enhance your appearance by coloring your hair. Lighter hair colour gives you a fresher appearance and makes you look younger; while darker hair makes for a more mature and dramatic look.

Gives your look a New defitnition:

 Whether it is highlights or a full-headed hair colour, this allows your hair for a change of appearance. This change could be as dramatic or as subtle as you want, depending on the color or shade you choose.


Temporary hair colour is a bon for women! For instance, you can decide to wear a wild shade in preparation for a night out with friends then wash it off as you prepare for work.

 Taking Care of Coloured Hair:

Now taking care of colored hair is no more a tedious task. Let’s have a look at the most favored tips on how to take care of colored hair.

1. Rinse your Hair with a Protecting Shampoo:

After colouring your hair, always remember to wash your hair with the special “colour protecting” shampoo. This specially created shampoo will not wash away the colour and will help the colour molecules to set in better. Rinse the colour thoroughly using cold water. Hot water will further damage your hair and take away the shine, making your hair dry. So remember to keep it cool.

2. Condition with a Color Protecting Conditioner:

A good conditioner is very important to maintain the moisture balance in your hair. Since your hair has been treated with chemicals like ammonia, therefore always use a “colour protecting conditioner”. This will nourish it and provide its natural shine and lustre.

3.Deep Conditioning:

Go back to the old and famous condition method of using hot oils. Use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to deep condition your hair.

4.Spa Treatment:

Take Hair Spas regularly, or hair packs from professional salons.

5.Conserve Your Colour:

For your colour to last longer, always use leave in conditioners after washing your hair. If possible, wear a hat or a hair sunblock spray while going out in the sun.

6.Avoid Blow Drying:

Avoid the use of blow dryer and let your hair dry naturally. If you have to use, then switch to cool setting to dry your hair.

7.Swim with Caution:

Chlorine is very harmful for coloured hair. It can alter the actual colour of your hair. So avoid setting into the pool just after colouring your hair. And if you do, always wear a swimming cap before you step in.

8.Touch Up Trick:

If you need touch ups, do it every 3 to 4 weeks. For a near-perfect touch up, always use the colour mixture and apply it using a cotton ball dipped in colour mixture or use a brush. Follow the same rinsing process with cold water as before to avoid damage.

Manicure & Pedicure

Taking care of your feet & hands becomes extremely important, as our face and hands age very quickly unlike the other parts of the body. Everyday we meet several people and we are judged by them according to the way we dress, groom and maintain ourselves. Most importantly our face & hands get noticed, so being in the cycle of regular manicure & pedicure is crucial in today’s world.
Manicure and pedicure not only gives neat and clean hands and feet but it also prevents them from chipping and cracking. The cuticles are applied creams and oils to keep them soft and healthy. During our daily household chores nails get interacted with water which tend to make nails chip or crack. Hand massage through manicure protects the nails from this chipping and cracking.
Regardless of the reason for the beauty treatment, a manicure forces you to take some time for yourself. Nail biters may benefit from a manicure as well, as they may be less inclined, or refrain from biting if they’re looking at their beautiful nails, perfectly polished. Regardless of your excellent health, a manicure program can continue to support your healthy lifestyle. Regularly scheduling manicures will ensure you are free of hangnails, broken skin, dry cuticles, and split fingernails. Any one of these can lead to infection, which can be quite painful and possibily hamper the use of your hands.
Painted toe nails are in abundance in summer months, being shown off in the latest sandals or on the beach. Yet current beauty trends are all about maintenance and grooming, so there are many reasons to keep up with a pedicure habit throughout the winter.
A really great pedicure is not just about painting nails, so it is important to seek out a comprehensive treatment when organizing a regular slot.
  • The best type of pedicure provides a balance between relaxation and manicuring and should leave you feeling tranquil.
  • The nail polish part of the treatment should stand up to at least two to three weeks of wear and ideally only need to be removed when it grows out, rather than when it chips.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure:
  1. Helps in remov ing the tan and sun burns on hands and feet .
  2. Cleans and makes your nails look healthy and beautiful .
  3. Keeps the skin hydrated . Exfoliates the dead skin and gives your nails good shape .
  4. Relieves stress through massage and you get relieved from pain .
  5. Improves blood circulation and skin health .
  6. Hands appear to be more soft, delicate , clean and your hands and feet appear much attractive .