Party Basics


With so many holiday events coming in the next few days, it’s imperative to plan your party beauty look, from now.

Considering the festive craziness that is surrounding the holiday season, we should opt for simple, yet easy-to-do beauty look this year- something that will allow you to change the nail polish at some time, swap a lip gloss over a matte lip color, all while keeping your foundation and base intact. The bottom line is this article will help you to look effortlessly beautiful without the fuss.

Let’s start with the essential and an instant attention catcher!!! Red is the color of this year. It’s festive, flattering and can make you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, skin luminizers looks great with red lipstick. Speaking about your skin, a pre-party skin facial Kolkata, is vital to get that glow, instantly. An enchanting long lasting fragrance will undoubtedly set the mood for the evening ahead.

Style me INSTANT !!!

INSTA 35Firstly, you should try with the pre-party skin treatment Kolkata, from us. It will literally change your skin and help in setting up the make-up well. You should come to us one day prior of your event and take the glow back home with, ready to shine on the dance floor.

Secondly, don’t forget your nails. Red nails are hot in this season. It can give you the ultimate rogue look. However, if you are wearing something in nudes you must go with the professional French manicure. Moreover, if you want to flaunt your perfectly manicured hands, a nail art Kolkata, can never go wrong.

Impress others by hair perfume. Yes, hair perfume which is the key to impress everyone at the party. Spray some hair perfume before stepping out or you can also choose a scented professional hair spray. With your locks so perfectly done, people will only talk about how good your hair smells.

Lastly, kill with your eyes. Nothing goes better than black cat eyed eyes with glowing skin and red lipstick. Make sure that you edge the liner rightly, for better wing try to use a gel liner and draw it from outside of the eye towards the inner lid. In much less time, you are ready to go out with your friend’s gang or someone special and rock the evening.

Grooming For Men In Kolkata



8 out of 10 people admit that the first thing they notice about someone is either their hands, or their hair. Moreover this result holds true irrespective of the gender of the concerned people.

What does this has to do with you? Well, the first impression you form on others has much more to do with your grooming than you can imagine! Follow this basic grooming routine to stay well-groomed.



Shave regularly depending upon your facial hair growth. In case you keep a beard, trim regularly to keep that stubble smart. Get trendy beard design done that will flaunt your personality.

Hair care


Hair is quite often overlooked when it comes to maintenance, although it is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A trendy cut and style can be an absolute makeover. A look created with your profession, personality in mind can bring a difference in your attitude. Invest in good hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, and even hair nourishment masks. They will surely pay you later!

Skin care


Straight to the facts, you have got one body for the entire lifetime. So there is no point taking it for granted. Use some good sun block, moisturer according to your skin type and stay young.

Choose right fragrances


Use deodorants and roll-ons for daily use. You can also go for colognes but make sure not to wear too much of it at once. Use styling products to keep hair in shape.

Walk in Style!

Choose your garments that will fulfill your purpose like official wear, party wear, casual wear etc. Lastly good footwear completes your style statement.

Right cut & style with a right wear and a footwear, step out as a complete man. Men in kolkata is sure to get jealous, after seeing you.

Myth busted – Hair Straightening In Kolkata


full_Editorial_Chapter_Hero_Sleek_and_Chic_Hair_Straight_Pony_AbstractWe as human being have lot of desire of wanting what we don’t have. Therefore, when we have naturally straight hair we usually like to curl it and when we have curly hair we usually like to straighten it.

In old days we had to control our desires as there was no procedures to change our hair style permanently. But now there are technologies introduced for hair styling kolkata where we can change our look we want with good results. And there came services like rebonding/straightening/smoothening in Kolkata.


What is straightening or smoothening?

This is a procedure where curly hair is relaxed chemically and turned to straight hair.  This chemical service is suggested for women having frizzy, unmanageable hair. This treatment when done lasts for a fairly long time.

Can we do it at home?

If asked we would suggest  ‘No’ as lot of chemicals used and it should be done under supervision of experts.  Wrong usage of chemicals during the process may result to hair damage or even hair burn. So a lot of careful handling is suggested. Hair straightening under experts supervision is suggested.

Hair Care Tips after Straightening/Smoothening –

There is Pro’s and Con’s after straightening.  Straightening gives you the smart, sleek look you were dreaming off.  To keep this look for a longer time time you need to take proper care post the service.

  • Right after straightening/smoothening in kolkata you should not wash your hair for 3 days.
  • Kolkata is a humid place. Therefore, be careful your hair should not be wet for any other reason like sweating, rain, moisture etc. No swimming. The chemical has to seep in and settle.
  • Tucking of hair or tying up tight is strictly prohibited. This may bring back your waves or curls in your straightened hair. You will have to keep your hair loose.
  • Straightened hair needs more care than regular hair. Do not put your hair at the back of your ear. Don’t use hair bands or pins after the process.
  • When you sleep, make sure your hair is straight and you don’t wake up with weird shaped hair.
  • Wash your hair after 3 days with shampoo and conditioner recommended and continue later as well.
  • Less usage of heated tools is suggested. Use cool blast dry for drying option.
  • Do not mess up with your hair for at least 3 months. Less of hair coloring, highlighting is suggested .
  • Keep your hair safe from environmental factors like harsh sun rays, cold winds and rains. Use umbrella.
  • Apply serum regularly as it protects hair from outside – heat and pollution.
  • Ensure your hair is not too exposed to sun and pollution. Keep it covered and protected.
  • Avoid hot water always.


The party season is approaching!! Go get your desired look and rock the parties in Kolkata. Get the ramp ready look and walk with confidence. Show off your straight sleek hair or soft dreamy curls.